It was going to be a lengthy day,with a performance to put up in a nearby mall for the college along with the daily task of attending classes. But somehow the spotlight of the day was taken by something else. Something which excited me way too much because it was unlike anything I had ever done before. It was a sort of social experiment. (definitely not)Crick and I had decided to play Cupid for a day , distributing red roses with a note to strangers in college with hopes of making their day a tad bit more special and maybe create a tradition of sorts at our institution.

Being the supreme ‘Friends’ fans that we are,we took a leaf out  of Joey’s books. Like Joey,we believe that there is no such thing as a completely selfless act. We act selflessly because it makes us happy. And so we set out on our selfish selfless act.

So here’s how the plan unfolded. We bought ten roses early that morning and stuck notes to each one of them. A different one on each. As we set about our task, it dawned on us that anonymity was going to be an issue. Come to the rescue, flower boy. We strategically recruited a classmate, made him a partner in crime. He was to deliver the flowers to our chosen targets. And we chose him such that, nobody would suspect us. The first girl thought it was a prank but when she read the note, she smiled and thanked him for the rose. The next boy couldn’t believe he’d ever get a rose for Valentine’s so you can imagine his surprise. And so the day progressed, giving little surprises to people that kept grinning like fools all day long.

Evening came and before we knew it the performance ended. Being a Saturday evening, we hung around at the mall to grab a bite. Who knew the best part of the project was going to be when we steered away from the main plan.With 3 roses in my backpack waiting for their fate, we decided to find 3 strangers and wish them love, this valentines day!

Looking up to the first floor,(Definitely not) Crick brings my attention to a group of boys gawking at us.
Taking it in good humor(as we always do) we stared back at them.But that didn’t work and they stared back harder and with more enthusiasm due to the attention we were giving them. Giggling we hurried to the other side of the mall where we wouldn’t be visible to them.Little did we know that they were bent on watching us and they shifted their spot to spy on us.After that our focus was on the mission, the stalkers could stalk but Cupid had work to do.

Cupid found a married couple with a baby in their arms, a husband tailing his wife with bags in his hands into a store and two love struck teenagers and hit them with his arrow (read : gave them each a rose). The reactions were mixed. While one couple was delighted, the other one looked at us suspiciously and the teenagers (as teenagers do) looked at each other and giggled.
Elated, we left and treated ourselves with a McDonald’s happy meal. And what a happy meal it was!

As I headed back home, it got me thinking, the littlest things can make you smile. I believe that when you do something nice for someone,they will take that act of kindness and extend it to people they come across  throughout their day. The doctor inside me basked with joy as she saw a glimpse of what her future would be like. What I mean to say is, being a doctor is to be able to make people’s lives a little easier,a little happier.
Valentine’s day has ended and here I am in my bed thinking about it all. No I didn’t receive a rose or an undying declaration of love from a boy. But as I sat there, the surprised face of the big brown eyed girl in my college and the wide smile of the married lady drifted through my mind and THAT was rewarding in itself and it was enough to warm my heart.
Happy valentine’s day folks! Let’s spread love!

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  1. You have a great blog, happy to get connected with you… 🙂

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    1. The feeling’s mutual 🙂

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