“I am not a feminist.”

Did you mean: I don’t know what feminism is.

You hear about it on TV, read about it on Twitter and learn about it in history class—feminism. But why do young women and men shy away from calling themselves feminists? Why is girl power only awesome and sexy if Beyoncé is singing about it? There are too many myths and false assumptions about feminism that threaten to derail the entire movement—again!

The first and foremost problem is that a lot of people assume that the goal of feminism is to eradicate the need for men from the face of this earth. Many men and women (unfortunately) believe that feminism is an extremist propaganda to eliminate men from our lives. Well that is quite simply not the case! By definition, feminism strives to provide equality for both genders and does not seek to replace the role of men. Feminists ideally hope that women and men should be able to coexist in society with equal opportunities and options. If all the men in the world can come to the table and accept that women are neither superior nor inferior, then all the women can come to the same table and agree that all men are not power hungry or mcp’s.

Then there is the misconception that if you are a feminist you automatically support other women. No, being a feminist does not make you blind to the shortcomings of other women. Don’t vote for a presidential candidate just because she is a woman. Vote for her because she’s good. Because if women encourage each other only because we are women, then the idea that women are merely unintelligent, emotional vagina owners is promoted than prevented.

Back in the day all the high paid jobs like a surgeon, CEO, attorney was offered only to men. Obviously, that’s not the case today. Because of which a lot of women feel pressurized to take on these “powerful” positions that women in the past only dreamed of having. Well you know what ladies? That right there is a myth. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being a feminist and a house wife. Because empowerment doesn’t come only with scrubs, suits or black robes! You can be a housewife and feel empowered. People who call themselves feminists need to understand that feminism as a concept has many personas to it. Women don’t need to be fixed or altered. Often, a woman who chooses to be a housewife or a porn star is treated like she is a victim while in actuality; she has made a clear and conscious decision to be so! Personally what i love about feminism is the choice it gives you. You can be a doctor, writer, stripper or a home maker and feel good about yourself.

Additionally, if feminism intends to create equality for ALL, feminists should strive to create equality for men too. I don’t see any reason why a stay at home husband should be looked down upon by the society. It is ridiculous to think that based on gender alone, certain lifestyle choices are acceptable while others are ridiculed. If it works better for a family for the wife to work and the husband to stay at home, there should be no judgement about that. Right? At the end of the day, it’s your life and whatever works for you, works. Quoting Whoopi Goldberg “Normal is nothing more than a setting on the washing machine.”

So in a nutshell, ladies, enough with the bra burning and going gay. If wearing sky high heels makes you feel good about yourself, do it, If waxing the hair off your arms, makes you feel good, do it. Wear make up, get dolled up, flirt a little with those men out there! Carry your shopping bags, hold doors open for others, pay on the dates, make the first move! Do all of these because you are no less than any man ever created! Atta girl, you rock!

Now ladies and gentlemen, how many of you are feminists?

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  1. I am an anti-feminist because of the feminist movement’s role in fighting shared parenting, marginalizing male rape and IPV victims, and disseminating false statistics on a range of talking points intended to recruit and maintain adherence through fear mongering. What do you think about those reasons?




    1. Hi RP.
      What do we think of those reasons? We agree that children custody should be given to the more responsible parent, that offenders of male rape and ipv must be penalized and that this should be done irrespective of the gender. It’s not about being a feminist, its about doing the right thing. That’s what we believe.

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      1. “More responsible parent…”

        What if both parents are responsible? And shouldn’t that be the presumption with the burden of proof resting on being ‘unfit’?

        Anyways, glad to hear of your personal convictions. I thought you might want some insight as to why many people identify as ‘anti-feminist’.



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