Dear 18 year old me

First of all we are really sorry for this late post. We were caught up with second year exams and the stress of it all. But we have now settled into the routine of third year and we promise to be more regular here on.

This is something I had written just after my exams, so here goes.

I had just finished with a week long of extremely draining exams.And unlike all my other friends, I bailed on every single plan I was included in. You see, I was doing one my most favourite things in the world – i was cleaning. To those of you who don’t know me, yeah i’d probably be the love child of monica from friends and Claire from modern family. Tough life, huh?

Anyway. While i was at it, lost in my thoughts, I realized it has been more than two years since i joined college. And so much has changed since then. Time has flown by like a comet, leaving in its aftermath a myriad changes. Now when i look back to that naive girl who left her parents over protective household for the first time to enter into the real world, i am proud of her journey. The person i am today is mostly as a consequence of the choices i have made and the circumstances i was in. Considering how i had absolutely no idea of what to expect i’d say, atta girl !

If however, i were to rewind these two years and start college all over again knowing what i do know today, there are some things i’d love to tell the 18 year old me.

  1. Its okay to fail a few tests. It doesnt mean anything. Let those marks not make you question your decision to be here.

  2. Make friends. In this crazy world full of people, you need those few that will come to be your safe haven. There’s only one foolproof way to do that- trial and error. Its okay to trust the wrong people, they’ll teach you useful lessons. But when you find your clan, be it one person or five, hold onto them.

  3. Its okay to spend time alone. Being seen alone doesn’t make you a loser. Take a walk on campus, eat atleast a meal alone, sit by yourself in the library. You’ll slowly grasp that sometimes its better that way.

  4. Boys. They’ll give you attention until you are their new shiny toy and stop when they find another one. It’s okay to get the attention. Its okay to not get the attention too. Let not their opinion of you, be what you think of yourself.

  5. You are going to meet so many different people that come with their own stories. Be accepting of everyone. Its very easy to judge someone. Put yourself in her shoes.

  6. Its okay to break a few hearts, that does not make you a bitch. Its okay to get your heart broken, you’ll learn how to get over it and become a stronger person. You’ll see how its not the end of the world.

  7. Talk to your parents. They miss you. I know that you are soaking up all the new experiences, but they want in on it too! Let them adapt to your absence. Be patient.

  8. Spend some time on yourself. Put on a pair of running shoes and go for a jog. Start eating healthy. And keep an open mind to everything you see and hear around.

  9. And finally, get out of your comfort zone once in a while. Run a marathon, donate blood, wake up early just to catch the sunrise, talk to strangers, be a part of a club in college, take charge of an event for a fest. Do something you’d have never done before. Do it and amaze even yourself.

Dear 18 year old me, just breathe. You’ll do fine.


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