Superhero in white 

Do you know how feel when you encounter a celebrity. Even the ones you don’t really love that much. You gawk at them in awe from afar,your eyes getting bigger and bigger wondering whether to approach them or admire them from afar.You think about what their lives are actually like ,beyond what you can see.As if they are from another planet and live a life unknown to you.

That’s how I feel about doctors.They are like superstars to me.The ones I admire the most are the ones who have mastered professionalism yet maintained their unique personalities.As I walk in the hospital wards everyday and I see them approach, walking briskly, their stethoscope around their neck and white coat flying in the air (kinda) my heart is already racing a little.I don’t know whether to follow them or to just scram.You know how celebs walk with their bodyguards following them ? Yeah doctors walk in entourages too.The different strata of medico in white coats walk together with the head of the pack a step in from if everyone else.

When they examine a patient,I look at the seriousness at which they do it,And at the same time the ease and style with which they perform the task. I imagine their minds doing the complex arithmetic of diagnosis as the patient complains of something as trivial as headache.I never cease to be amazed at the amount of knowledge that they hold in their brains.All the knowledge that’s needed to save a life,the knowledge that explains that the weird shape of your nail is because you possibly have lung problem. All the books we read tirelessly in the 5 years of study is in that little cavity.

And so I study everyday,I study so that one day,sometime in the future, I can overcome feelings of self-doubt, sacrifice my own comfort and convenience and walk in the hospital corridors, the stethoscope around my neck, at the head of that entourage.

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  1. doctorinspe says:

    I genuinely hope you reach your goal!

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