Dear future me


For the sake of all the letters I began with this very line throughout my high school years– I hope this letter finds you in the pink of health(Truly though)
Well I don’t know how far into the future I’m going to send this, but nonetheless ;

Dear future me,

Hey there,you must be living the good life right now,at least I hope you are! Congratulations on making it this far in life.Are you a doctor yet? You better be! or else come back to this letter when you are. 

Well,you’ve done it and I hope that you enjoy your work every single day,as much as you enjoyed getting there.I hope that you haven’t forgotten the kind of doctor you wanted to become because its oh so easy to be callous and indifferent when you get caught up in the hustle.  

But this letter is exactly for that,for those days when you need to slapped across the face and be told that you’re no different than anyone who comes to consult you and days when you become too vain and confidant in your job. 

Remember why you are here in the first place and the reason why you started. That you are blessed to be sitting on the side of the table that you are and not on the opposite. 

Remember what your mother told you;that the smile on your face when the patient enters the room should make half their worries dissolve in the air. 

And when all else fails to ground you, remember how it is to be a patient,how it feels to sit in a chair writhing in pain waiting for your turn to see the doctor,the feeling of having unknown people prod at your parts and the anxiety of the unknown reports that are due in a few minutes.

Every once in a while, don’t forget to save time for yourself. Mostly, remember to read! No,not the Harrison’s book of medicine you probably still haven’t finished reading.I mean novels.So that when you’re tired of your own, you can live in other people’s minds. 

Dear future self,I can already picture you,graceful,calm and collected.I expect that you will handle the stress and mentalexhaustion of everyday with poise. Above everything else,I pray that you’re happy and that you’re at peace,as you’ve always been,with yourself and the people you have surrounded yourself with.  

Dear future me,I can’t wait to be you.

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  1. ekmalluchora says:

    i luv dis. it feels so raw nd real. lyk a genuine letter to ur future self nd not just a fancy blog post! heart warmng post. luk forward to more! 🙂

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