The heat of the blazing sun above
scorched down on my fatigued eyes
My tired feet scurry toward the library
Time was fast moving and the test not too far.
Alas the silence of the library was unnerving, my eyes remained fixed on the book but my mind wandered, as I read the same line over and over
My fidgeting left foot nervously shook.
Tick tock tick tock.

And so with my book, my jumpy self left the noiseless room.
Greeted with a breath of fresh air I took in my surroundings.The expansive quads, lush green as the rain flooded them.So much rain was falling that the sound blurred into one whirring sound.
At ease,I opened my book and studied.

P.S: This is actually where we study on campus

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  1. Sharon David says:

    Hey guys! I really like your blog, keep up the good work 🙂


    1. Thanks Shar,love you !!


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