Pre- exam syndrome.

I have an exam tomorrow and I’m supposed to be at my table, with a cup of coffee trying to cram as much as I possibly can in the limited period of time. But here I am writing a new blog post. Current mental status : Super annoyed ; so bear with me as I give myself a liberty I seldom do, to divulge into a rant.

Here in our med school we have a system called “Block Postings” where my batch of 120 students is split into 4 groups comprising of 30 each. Each of the 30 students as a “block” get posted in a particular department for two months at a stretch and the staff cover as much syllabus as they can for the finals which we take at the end of that year. We study the theory aspects of the subject as well as the clinical.

Our time in the given department is split between  lectures, the opd, ot (operation theatre) if its a surgical branch and seminars. In the span of these two months we write three tests. We have finished two out of the three subjects that we have finals for this academic year. (Ophthalmology, preventive social medicine, otorhinolaryngology). At the end of the two months we switch.

For the following two months we are in the next department, so on and so forth. This is our second month into otorhinolaryngology and I’m exhausted. Studying the same subject all day for two months gets monotonous and boring. The tests are so many that we don’t take them seriously anymore. The doctors have to teach the same thing over and over again as each new batch comes to their department for two months. Besides, how the hell are we supposed to remember in December the subjects we studied in January?

What we had until last year was a set time table. Every day we had lectures on at least three out of the four subjects we had to take. And the portions would be completed a month before the exam which gave us ample time to brush up the first term portions and revise the rest. More importantly, we were in touch with all the subjects equally until the very end. Never did one subject monopolize our time.

Maybe this system is good in some sense which is clearly lost on me. Or maybe it’s just about the grass on the other side, I do not know.

But hey, I am not this whiny little kid who doesn’t appreciate a silver lining when she sees one. The sky was beautiful this evening while I sat outside the library, a cup of coffee in my hand, trying to cram as much as I possibly could.IMG-20170914-WA0005

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  1. PastelPinkPancakes says:

    haha this was so relatable!! Bet every third year is thinking the same way rn! Loved how you ended it so positively! Looking forward to reading more!~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! We like to keep it real!


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