Back to the grind

I can finally breathe.Two months of living on a strict timetable, studying all day, counting my 5 hours of sleep by the minute.All motivated by one goal, you would think it is to top the exam or something but really… it’s just to pass. There is no winning in med school is there?

Well that was three weeks ago and now here we are final year med students.Not to mention, we’re back in Medicine rotation, one of our favorites, not just because challenging and all of that but it gives us the best stories to tell.

Not much has changed since the last time we were in Medicine except( hopefully) the extent of our knowledge in the subject.

The other day a passing incident we had with a patient, or rather our reaction to a situation made me realize that we might have changed a little. We have a selected bunch of cases we will be tested on for our final exam, so we hunt for patients with particular diseases so we can practice eliciting a case history. Because of this a number of med students flock to the same patient at different times to take a particular patients history. Crick and I approached a middle aged man and began asking him questions for our case sheet and he answered but never made eye contact and muttered all answers under his breath. When it came to us asking him to take off his shirt to examine him, he looked at us disgustedly and said that it wasn’t just 5 or 6 students who’d come to him but around 20!

Second year med student me, on hearing this would’ve felt guilty for subjecting a patient to even the slightest discomfort and would’ve walked away only to approach another patient who’ll eventually shoo us away . But to my surprise we both stood there adamant to finish the complete case history whatsoever, and we did, for our own good and maybe for the good of our future patients.

I must say,this whole incident left me quite confused but in about a year we’re going to be doctors.It doesn’t seem real and scares me more than my final year exams.Because honestly it’s terrifying to think that I am going to be let loose around patients to diagnose them.Though in reality I won’t be diagnosing them alone, it would still be real nice to give justice to the title in front of my name and not merely be a shadow in a white coat following the senior staff.

So even though my target for the year is to do well in my finals, one of my goals is to improve my clinical skills.

A little late but nevertheless, Have a good year everyone and stay focused!

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