It won’t be soon before long

With only 4 months of med school left I still feel like it was yesterday that I was the dreamy eyed 8 year old who without a speck of doubt said “I want to be a doctor.” The journey so far has been eventful to say the least. “Your tenth boards are very important” they said. Once I got through that, they told me my twelfth boards will decide my future.

With that behind me, they said the entrance exams will seal my fate. Results in my hands, I remember vividly as I sat at the edge of my seat in the counselling room, fingers crossed, my eyes glued to the board that decided which med school I got into, my father holding my hand and praying with me.

The 8 (now 18) year old girl and her proud parents walked out of that room, with the kind of happiness they had never known before. Med school was a month away.

Today as I stand under my shower in my hostel room, four years later, I contemplate all this. After all aren’t all life changing decisions made in the shower? Med school was my dream and I’m almost at the end of part 1.

Exciting? Absolutely. Terrifying? Like you have no idea. In 6 short months I am going to be an intern walking the corridors of this hospital.

In 6 months I will have no more classes everyday where attendance will be taken, no more seminars conducted by my classmates where I’d nod vehemently, only pretending to be listening. No more proxies, no more I bunked class because “I just felt like it.” There will be no more cultural fests to organise or be a part of, no more batch photographs, hell no more batch rivalry with the juniors or seniors!

The next phase is internship after which we’ll take tests to get into specialization courses and from there we’ll come out surgeons or physicians. This is the last 4 months of “student life” we have left.

Looking back I’d like to think I’ve used my time in college efficiently in discovering myself, making amazing friends and coming to learn and love all that medicine had to offer. Every subject we’ve been taught, every doctor we’ve interacted with, every patient I’ve met has given me experiences I’ll hold dear.

Soon I hope I’ll be able to put all this into practice and become the doctor I dreamed of becoming.

But more importantly, from the time I finish writing this post I am going to utilize all the time I have left as a student and exploit all the rights that come with it.




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  1. Shaelyn Pagliaro says:

    I loved reading this. I am only in my second year of classes for medical office work before I start a program to work in social services.
    Thank you for sharing this. 💝

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  2. Prabha Kadkol says:

    Amazing level of maturity and clearity in your thoughts Prerana👍Enjoyed reading your blogs.I feel this medical field has made you more matured.May God bless you and give you all the strenth to fulfill your dreams.Wishing you a very Happy Birthday 😊

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    1. Thank you mami ajji 😄


  3. Aditya Suryawanshi says:

    Please never stop writing! Your posts always leave me nodding in agreement or with a smile on my face at the end. Thank you for being one of the small little pleasures in my life, which never get mentioned but do leave a smile on you atleast for some time.

    Even if we arent in contact, it feels great to see the girl who sat beside me just for one year in 4th grade, and dissappeared (but reappeared thanks to facebook), now on the verge of passing out of med school!

    Leaving college is painful, do enjoy your last months while you’re there… Adulting is not as fun as we thought when we were kids.

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    1. Hi Adi 🙂 it’s feels so good to be appreciated 🙂 and it makes us smile from ear to ear for the rest of the day. Thank you so much!


  4. 😂😂 Yup the old pensive shower sessions…
    Ahh the luxuries you’ll have in the Ave Maria hostel.

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  5. Pratibha Joshi says:

    Well doctored thoughts…expressing fluently oooomah to you dear and all the very best!!!

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