Dear Potions Master

Just like the boy who lived, I was terrible at balancing an equation and titrating acids and bases and everything that came in between, until I met you.

I didn’t get why the electrons occupied a certain orbit or why mercury was the only metal, liquid at room temperature. You see, chemistry was never my strong suit. Also, I kind of passionately hated it so naturally chemistry hated me back. But then you came by.

You, sir, were extremely punctual and disciplined and expected the same from us. Your temperament like ethanol, was highly combustible. So every evening I was there at 6.30 outside the classroom for the 7 pm lecture on your terrace.

You told us backstories about these great scientists and I listened to you without batting an eyelid. You made hexagons in the air and taught us the structures of complex molecules with such ease. You made us question everything, and always gave us answers for them. You made nerdy chemistry jokes that made us chuckle. And slowly, I began to fall in love with this subject of yours.

It’s been nearly 5 years since then but I still think about you. Not just because you taught me chemistry (which BTW has evaporated right out of my brain ; only because I took up a different stream), but because you taught me so much more than just academics.

In final year of medschool, I still write my answer paper the way you would have expected it – from start to finish, without changing the order of questions. Take it as a challenge you’d say. I arrange my shoes in order because you expected us to do the same when we left our footwear outside of your classroom.

I cannot study without highlighting my textbook. I don’t let the guy in the car behind me take the left turn without the green light on the traffic signal, because what’s right is right you said. And I cannot wait to go to Japan because you told us about the 10 things to learn from the Japanese after the tsunami and I was awestruck.

For adding fuel to my already existing ocd fire, for believing in me, for all that you are and all what you’ve taught me,
Thank you.
To be your student, was my honor.
I hope I did you proud.

Yours truly,
Sorcerer’s apprentice

We celebrate teachers day on September 5 every year in India.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers who’ve touched our lives. 6 months of medschool left, but what would we be without the kindergarten teachers who taught us the alphabet ?

Also a shout-out to both our mums! Not only are they our teachers in the greater sense of life, but also they go/went to school every morning and taught other little kids. We love you both!

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