Doctor Who?

That would be us, we’re doctors now!

A while ago, our compulsory rotation ended, and life has been nothing short of a tumult of mingled emotions. Does that qualify as an excuse for being an absentee blogger? I hope it does.

There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for internship. Its funny how we’re given labels at each point in our medical journey: med student, intern, resident. As if we wake up at the crack of dawn as new people with a new set of skills. In reality, we go from not knowing how to hold a syringe (was it just me? ) to knowing how to deliver babies and vaccinating them too.

I think that Crick and I can consider ourselves lucky. She wanted to be a doctor for 18 years of her life, and while I might’ve decided only in the 18th year, neither of us has looked back on this journey. Not even once. In the time we were interning we spent loads of time thinking about the speciality that excited us the most, which is best suited for us. To make it worse, when you’re nearing a decision, everyone weighs in.

“But are you ready for such a challenging life” or “I’ve heard that branch isn’t great for women”

After multiple rounds of deliberation and some elimination, we realise we just gotta pick one and stick with it forever. Sounds a lot like marriage to me. You romantics, don’t crucify me for saying that. Finally, now, when both of us have miraculously settled upon “the chosen one” or “ones” it’s still oddly hard to admit it to many people because that makes it so much more real and final.

At this stage, there’s so much pressure to “get your lives sorted” and “get working on your future plans.” I don’t know where I’m going to be in a few months time (probably still quarantined at home). Whether i’ll be lucky enough to get selected into a residency program or not, only time will tell.

Internship was the time we got to try out our doctor training wheels, the time we helped with caring for patients and yet did no harm! Because with all the independence that we got, we were still sheltered. Every form that we wrote was signed under someone else’s name. Any treatment that we prescribed was on someones else’s orders.

person wearing analog watch

All that being said, you can imagine that ending this phase is bittersweet. Our graduation has come and gone but it only meant that the security blanket would be pulled out from beneath us, it meant leaving the life and people you’ve known for so long, behind. Only to walk into what? Adult life? Reality? No thank you!

Nonetheless, I believe, in your twenties the best investment you can make is in yourself. I feel like this is starting to sound like a self help book of sorts, the ones where they tell you everything that you already know. But, these simple things are underrated. Its important to work on yourself, be mindful, practice kindness and keep your loved ones close. If there is anything that the current global situation should remind us of, it’s that life is short. While everyone reading this might be blessed enough to worry about not contracting the illness, so many have to worry about their next meal. Isn’t that heartbreaking? And if that doesn’t put life into perspective, I don’t know what will.

Stay safe everyone! And keep your loved ones safer.

I wish each of you good health, a calm mind and a peaceful heart.

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  1. onlyhereforthestories says:

    “You romantics, don’t crucify me for saying that”
    Loved this line

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  2. Lovely post. Enjoyed it.

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  3. Hi. I made a longish comment here. But due to some error it isn’t showing up. So now I’m trying again after a few days.

    Long story short, I’ve been following your blog from a long time. (From the time someone commented on to be specific)

    It is nice to see you become great doctors.

    The last post (the one about rural posting) tells me that you’re both going to be great doctors passionate about the health of the people.

    I just wanted to reach out in solidarity because the system will appear screwed up soon. (For people like you who reflect on the profession.)

    Checkout some writings of other young doctors like

    There are ways to do good even inside the system.

    Please get in touch with me if you find yourself in need of a sounding board.

    There is also a small telegram group linked at the bottom of that you may find interesting.

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    1. Thank you for this, will definitely check out our all the links!

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  4. Hey 🙂 I nominated you guy for the liebster award check out my post for more details

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  5. Medicine is a never ending journey, most days I wonder if I could go back in time and choose a different career path.😂
    Just when you think you’re done with a stage of your life, you’re faced with another.

    All the best with your residency, hopefully you get selected into the program of your choice.

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