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55503C80-7E96-4545-ABE1-7B73D8A567EA(Not really) Watson and (definitely not) Crick. Yup,that’s us! No we obviously didn’t come up with the DNA double helix model. Neither are we planning on doing something equally spectacular.
We’re just two ordinary med students taking each day as it comes. Some days are good while some even better! But each day brings with itself a new set of experiences, new things to learn. So, we thought we’d put these experiences in words and share with the world some things that touched our hearts!

The eternal optimists, the medicine enthusiasts, the two people who are going to be the first doctors in their respective families (that’s if we make it through this of course). Here’s our story!

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  1. I loved the whole thing, starting from your username, wittyvirusses to SinusRythm…. Superbbb 🙂

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  2. neharaish says:

    Hey. Your blog’s been a great way to spend a few minutes of my day.

    P.s. @pb mom, dad n me love your blogs💙

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    1. Hey 🙂 Thank you so much! We’re glad you liked our stories 🙂

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