The power of two (Gametes)

We study almost 5 years, only about what could go wrong in our bodies.Trust me,  there really is A LOT.The tiniest mistake in a single cell’s strand of DNA, while we’re still floating in our mothers womb , a mass of cells which decided to be rebellious could result in something catastrophic.

Your entire being is decided in utero.

We are so so lucky to be perfect, that every cell aligned with the next faultlessly and that each little cell, out of trillions, divided into the next at the precise time it was supposed to. The next time you decide say nasty things to the fat on your thighs, remember your flawless metamorphoses from embryo to adult and that every adipose cell, divided just for you.

So be thankful, not just for the four walls around you, or the food on your plate.Be thankful your heart is tucked safely under your ribs and not outside your chest or that you don’t have 4 arms and 4 legs.Although that might be useful huh?


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  1. Orine Rego says:

    Lots to thank for…..good one.

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